Dutch coatings association: VVVF

The Dutch Association for Paint and Ink Producers (VVVF) is founded in 1907. In the past hundred years the VVVF has evaluated to the leading, pro-active association that it is today. It represents 90% of the paint and inkt industry in the Netherlands. 

The VVVF aspires to create a level playing field for the paint and printing ink industry and supports its members on compliance, good employer practice, innovation, and sustainability

The VVVF encourages the member companies to produce paint and ink in a safe and sustainable way, and to improve their functionalities.

Organization chartOrganization chart

The VVVF concentrates on four themes: compliance, good employer practice, innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship. Each theme is managed by a theme group that includes representatives from member companies. The theme group draws up an annual activity program, submits it to the members for adoption and then supervises the implementation by the VVVF office. The chairmanship of a theme group basically coincides with the membership of the VVVF board.

Sector groups

The member companies are active in various market segments. The VVVF therefore has clustered their companies in sector groups where specific topics are dealt with: construction, (printing) ink, car repairs, marine, industry, protective coatings, fire-resistant coatings, roads / road marking. Sections are represented in the board.
Paint and printing ink are always part of a composite end product, whether it is a car, a building or a magazine. Cooperation in the value chain therefore is an important aspect within the VVVF. The VVVF frequently meets its stakeholders in the value chain.

Combined strength

With its about 75 member companies and 25 associated members the VVVF represents up to 90% of the paint and ink industry in the Netherlands. The power of the collective gives the companies a strong voice. The VVVF consequently realises achievements for the sector that would be hard or impossible for individual companies to achieve.

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