Knowledge and services

The VVVF is gathering knowledge and providing service on the following four themes:

1. Legislation

Changes to legislation can have considerable consequences. The VVVF therefore keeps members updated on the prevailing legislation and gives advice on the implementation of these. Members with specific questions can contact the helpdesk.

2. Good employer practice

The VVVF is realising a modern collective labour agreement with attention for flexibility and sustained employability. Working conditions and safety at work are also important priorities for the sector. The helpdesk provides answers to employment questions asked by members.

3. Sustainability

Sustainabilityis an important theme for the paint and printing ink industry. The VVVF acquaints its members with the various facets of sustainable enterprise and provides support with the implementation of it.

4. Innovation

The VVVF makes efforts to increase the innovative power of its members by forging links between the companies and research programmes, knowledge institutes and inspirational developments.