Facts & Figures

The VVVF publishes every year the cumulated Facts & Figures of the paint and ink industry in the Netherlands.

Dutch paint sector

Domestic paint sales rose in 2015 by 2.5% compared to the previous year. At the same time, exports fell by 4.5 percent. There are visible signs of recovery in the domestic market. Assuming that the economic wind continues to blow from a favourable direction, the paint industry can look positively to the years ahead. But we still face some major challenges. The core themes for the VVVF in the near future will continue to be: compliance, safety, innovation, sustainability, and supply chain cooperation.

Dutch printing ink industry

This statistisc are from EuPIA, the European Association of printing ink manufacturers, and only covers the member companies of EuPIA. Volumes and revenues both showed an increase in 2015. The printed media and packaging markets are changing rapidly. These markets have also taken hard knocks during the recent recession. The printed media sector has perhaps been hit even harder than the packaging industry.
Nevertheless, ink is as essential as ever. Look around you: newspapers, magazines, packaging, posters, books, comics, advertising and so on; they have not gone away. The VVVF also plays a modest part with its Paint&Ink Magazine, just as the Dutch Central Bank with paper money. Trend watchers still predict a bright future for print as the best communications medium.